The Children of Húrin

Is it me, or is there relatively little fanfare about the new Tolkien book, The Children of Húrin? The Internet has too few articles so far, only a couple like this one, in the Independent.

J. K. Rowling only has to need more paper, sneeze, or run out of toilet roll, for the Bloomsbury marketing machine to crank it out to the news sites and create hysteria. Maybe it's a more reserved, literary thing for Tolkien. Maybe people think he'll sell purely on the fact that hardcore fans will be lining up already. Maybe people think that as Christopher Tolkien had input, it's not the same as his earlier works. But there was nothing in the local Waterstone's to even suggest the book was about to be launched. It just strikes me as odd that the man who created The Lord of the Rings is getting so little publicity. That book is, after all, the third biggest selling book of all time. More than that, he created the English myth, and here's the next installment. Where's the advertising? Where's the support?

Well, I've just ordered my copy...

— Mark N

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