Happy Blog Day To You!

According to this, today is officially Blog Day. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to make my inaugural blog posting so, without further ado, here are my five recommended blogs. Usual disclaimer applies about us having no control over the content of external websites.

James Maxey: http://jamesmaxey.blogspot.com/

We’re publishing something very special by James next year. Start building your anticipation now before all the cool kids find out.

Neil Gaiman: http://www.neilgaiman.com/

I was an early adopter of Neil’s work and made the jump, like so many others, when he virtually stopped doing the funny books to become one of the greatest novelists on the face of the planet.

The Long Tail: http://longtail.typepad.com/the_long_tail/

Chris Anderson’s blog catalogues the numerous spaces where pop culture and technology crash head-on.

Eye on Science: http://time.blogs.com/eye_on_science/

Science for the rest of us.

Manchester Buccaneers: http://manchesterbuccaneers.spaces.live.com/

One of the funniest football related blogs out there. Infinitely funnier if you support Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester City.

Cheers -- Christian

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