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Hello, remember me?

I'm that disheveled looking one you occasionally see in convention photos. You know that scruffy bloke who sometimes accompanies the far more photogenic David and Jenni?
Yes, it's that time of the year when your editor-in-chief visits you via the means of electronic wizadry. This internet thing is dark magic I tell you.

Anyway, I have so much exciting news for you that this is going to be a long blog post. So strap yourself in, assume the position, etc etc.

Anyway, the first news to impart is that of exciting new commissions. You may have heard of these already through the electronic grapevine, but I just thought I too should say something.
I'm utterly delighted to tell you that I have commissioned a new novel from Eric Brown. King's of Eternity will be published in April 2011 and is just an extraordinary SF novel. Trust me when I tell you that this is a hell of a ride, both emotionally and in terms of big ideas and big-screen dazzle. King's of Eternity is a career best from a writer who goes from strength to strength. This is what I love about SF and being the publisher behind this title is a real privilege. The cover artist on this is going to be Dom Harman, who has done Eric's last few books for us.

The second commission to tell you about is Desdaemona by Ben Macallan. This is a brilliant and edgy urban fantasy from an exciting new writer. Rather than featuring vampires, Ben explores the machinations of devils and demons in an urban setting. The one thing I loved about this novel is how different it is to much of the urban fantasy on the market at the moment. An edgy, funny and thrilling work, which I'm sure you'll love. The cover artist on this project is the very talented Vincent Chong. You can expect this to hit shelves in June 2011.

Also, we have a cracking new fantasy series coming your way, starting next year. We're delighted to welcome back to the Solaris fold, fantasy author Juliet McKenna. Juliet is working on a new trilogy for us called The Hadrumal Convergence. This is set in the same world as her critically acclaimed Lescari Revolution trilogy and, if anything, the stakes are even higher in this epic story. Juliet's writing is intelligent and thought provoking, while delivering vast fantasy thrillers and epic world building on scale that would put writers like Steven Erikson to shame. Book one of this trilogy will be hitting the shelves in August next year. We're looking to assign Clint Langley to cover duties on this one.

So, those are some of the tasty things in the pipeline (is that a strange mixed-metaphor that I've just created, do you get tasty things in pipelines? I'm not sure that I'd want to eat anything out of a pipe...), for now I present you with a gallery of goodies heading your way.

David is currently beavering away on the follow-up to Paul Kearney's fantasy novel The Ten Thousand and just to wet your appetite for the rest of the series, here is the stunning cover for the third book in the trilogy:

This will be on shelves in July of 2011, and Corvus will be out this November. These covers are by Chris McGrath.

Continuing on the fantasy theme, we're all really looking forward to Emily Gee's next novel for us, The Sentinel Mage. And boy do we have sexy cover for this! Feast your eyes on the following, by fantasy legend Larry Rostant.

Yup, that's the same Larry Rostant who did the covers for George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. The Sentinel Mage is on shelves in February 2011.

Now something a little darker for you. This one is for The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon, part one of a three book horror series, described to me by Gary as a bit like Mythago Wood but more horror based and set on a council estate. Gary is a fiercely good writer and you can expect this to be a dark and frightening series that packs a hell of a punch. Our artist maestro on this is Vinny Chong:

This is obviously without text, but we just thought you'd want to see a preview of the cover art before we design the final book. The Concrete Grove rips it's way into your reality in July 2011.

Now for something more steampunky... Heart of Veridon by Tim Akers garnered high-praise on its publication and went straight into the top-ten of many steampunk aficionados. This is why we're delighted to show you the cover for Dead of Veridon, Tim's sensational follow-up, coming to you in June 2011.

This is by renowned artist Greg Staples.

Last, but absolutely by no means least, is this beauty for Eric Brown's collection, Engine Man, due for release in October 2011. This is by Dom Harman, and has literally just come in. Pretty 'aint it?

Obviously, this is before the designers have had a chance to work their magic, but this gives you some idea of the awesomeness that you can expect.

Anyhew, that's it, pretty much, from me. At the moment I'm tinkering away with The End of The Line, which is shaping up very nicely indeed. Expect a superb anthology of horror from some of the very best writers in the field.

Right, as you were. Until next we meet again....


Jonathan Oliver


Catherine Hughes said...


Love, love, love Eric Brown and that Emily Gee cover is just awesome.

Can't wait!


Jeff C said...

Any word on when/if you guys will start publishing ebook versions of your books?

Liviu said...

The Laurentine Spy was a big time favorite of mine so I am utterly delighted that you will publish more Emily Gee fantasy

Heart of Veridon was in my top 10 sff last year and Dead of Veridon will be a top 10 expected book for 2011