Kings Bastard Free Sample!

Hey all,

As you're probably aware, Rowena Cory Daniells' King Rolen's Kin trilogy launches at the end of the month with the first book, The King's Bastard (although some sneaky booksellers already have it on the shelves, so you can pick it up right now).

Why are you still reading this? You just found out that the first book of our awesome new fantasy trilogy is already on the shelves, and you're still online? What, England's miserable World Cup performance knocked you back so hard you've forgotten how to read? Go, go, go!

Nope? Okay, well I guess I'll get on with the giveaway.

It seems Rowena's in a generous mood, and wants any of you who have yet to make up your mind as to whether to pick up her thrilling new heroic fantasy series to read the first chapter for free.

So, here it is!

Follow the travails of Byren Kingson, second son of King Rolen, as he strives with traitors within his father's court, enemies from over the mountains, and his own brother's jealousy, in a strange, dangerous and magically charged land. It's got fightin', magic, intrigue, all you need for a nutritious breakfast.

And the best bit is: the second and third books are due out in August and September, so you won't be hanging on for years to find out how it all ends.

So download the sample, then buy the book, then buy the other books. You need this.

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Andrea M. said...

Can't wait until mine arrives!