Thief With No Shadow Review

The reviews for Thief With No Shadow are starting to come in. Emily Gee's debut get's a nice little write up here.

"You won’t find sprawling epic fantasy here with character numbers running into the hundreds - this is a well written, self contained tale focusing on the bonds between family."

We'll soon have a brief interview with Emily up on the website, but in the meantime check out her website at

— Mark N


Anonymous said...

This was an amazing story. I couldn't put it down, from the intensifying beginning, to the unbelieveable emotions that eminate from the pages. Very well written, and I'd love to read more by Emily. Perhaps, there could be more sage with Melke, Bastian, Liana, and Hantje?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful read!!! Recommended for any fantasy lover! Inspired me to write a poem...

"Thief! thief!" they yell as I run.
Always the same two words...
"Wraith! thief!" printed in my veins.
I cannot be angry, for it is what I am.

One day, I stole for the first time,
It was to save a life, you must understand,
A brother, my brother, another thief of the land.
Who was I to know, that I sealed a girl's fate?

Asta. Moon daughter. That is what he called her,
With beautiful silver hair, and a heart of gold.
He is right, she is the moon daughter.
Who else would heal their murderer's wounds?

Her brother was a soldier, a fighter, a protector.
Speaking to a wraith would be a pitiful act.
He is right, I am nothing but an unseen burden.
I hold my chin high, for the world to slap at.

Today, I stole for the second time.
It was to save a life, you must understand,
It was to save her life, the moon daughter.
Giving the tears to the soldier's companion

He understood, and he ran to his master's side.
I saw him leave with the tears strapped around his neck,
"Nobody stealsss from usss" the creatures of fire whispered.

My brother stole, and he paid his price.
I stole twice, mine will be greater.
May the creatures of fire have mercy,
although none deserved on a thief with no shadow.

Written by Melke, when captured by the salamanders.