Jeffrey Thomas: "the seminal voice of science fiction"

Another great review of Deadstock, this time at Bookgasm.

"...his novels and short stories are glimpses into a future world that
pretty much make William Gibson and Phillip K. Dick mere shrinking
reflections in the rearview mirror. This is the guy who fans of those authors should be reading... His latest, DEADSTOCK, is like H.P.
Lovecraft writing the novelization of CHINATOWN, if that film were directed
by David Cronenberg... the seminal voice of science fiction right now.

And it rekindled the reviewer's love of SF. More gushing praise for Jeffrey, and well-deserved it is too.

—Mark N

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like this Jeffrey Thomas chappie is a half decent author. maybe I should read some of his stuff
*remembers that I recently read Deadstock and have ordered Monstrocity*
yup, he is a decent author. surprisingly, people are having the same opionions as me (but expressing them in longer words). whats the world coming to???