Introducing: Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler

“It’s a strange thing, nyctophobia. You’re not born with it. It can start at any time. It comes and goes, and it’s one of the only phobias you can transmit to other people.”

Newly-married architect Callie and her wealthy husband Mateo move to Hyperion House, a grand old home in southern Spain. It’s an eccentric place built in front of a cliff: serene and beautiful, but eerily symmetrical, and cunningly styled so that half the house is flooded with light, and half – locked up and neglected – is shrouded in darkness. Unemployed and feeling isolated in a foreign country, Callie determines to research the history of the curious building.

But the past is sometimes best left alone. Uncovering the folklore of the house’s strange history, Callie is drawn into darkness and delusion. As a teenager Callie was afraid of the dark, and now with her adolescent nyctophobia returning she becomes convinced there’s someone in the darkened rooms.

Somewhere in the darkness lies the truth about Hyperion House.

UK cover
US cover

Nychtophobia is out in the UK October 9th and the US October 28th.
Pre-order today: UK | US

These beautiful covers were created by our incredibly talented artist Pye Parr. You can find out more about the process of making them over on his blog now

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Check back soon where some of the Rebellion team will be sharing their deepest, darkest fears in a cheap form of therapy masquerading under the disguise of marketing - feel free to send us yours too, if you dare...

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