Happy US publication day!

Releasing today for the US market we have two fantastic titles:

Reach for Infinity (editor: Jonathan Strahan)

Multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan brings us fourteen new tales of the future, from some of the finest science fiction writers in the field.

Table of contents:
Break My Fall (Greg Egan)
The Dust Queen (Aliette de Bodard)
The Fifth Dragon (Ian McDonald)
Kheldyu (Karl Schroeder)
Report Concerning the Presence of Seahorses on Mars (Pat Cadigan)
Hiraeth: A Tragedy in Four Acts (Karen Lord)
Amicae Aeternum (Ellen Klages)
Trademark Bugs: A Legal History (Adam Roberts)
Attitude (Linda Nagata)
Invisible Planets (Hannu Rajaniemi)
Wilder Still, the Stars (Kathleen Ann Goonan)
The Entire Immense Superstructure: An Installation (Ken MacLeod)
In Babelsberg (Alistair Reynolds)
Hotshot (Peter Watts)

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The Way to Babylon (Paul Kearney)

Michael Riven – a successful author and former soldier – has fallen off a mountain. Broken in both body and mind, racked with guilt and loss by the death of his wife Jenny, he withdraws into himself in the rural hospital where he painfully recovers. His readers are desperate to know what will happen next in the fantasy world of his stories, but neither writing, nor living, are of interest to him now. >>> Find out more

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Both Reach for Infinity and The Way to Babylon are available now in eBook format directly from the Rebellion Store, and of course physical copies can be purchased via your friendly local bookseller (check in with them today).

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