Though we are but mortal bods, we sure do love to read of gods...


Sci-Fi Bulletin have gone a little Godpunk-happy this week, with not one but THREE pieces on the forthcoming Age of Godpunk omnibus from James Lovegrove.

As well as reviewing the book, which comes out on 12th September, and giving it sa meaty 8/10 rating, they've also separately reviewed Age of Gaia, which is one of the three stories within this new edition.

It’s that interplay between the divine and the human, between above and below, between believed-in and believer, that forms the crux of godpunk and is to me one of the most interesting things to write about. Faith has been a powerful, sometimes beneficial, often destructive force in worldly affairs since the beginning of history (and probably before then). These are stories about the stories we’ve been telling ourselves for centuries in order to rationalise the wayward workings of our universe and make the spiritual empirical. They’re about rebellion against divine authority, resentment of supernal tyranny, managing our inner moral compass which we sometimes call the voice of God. They are, in other words, about the god in all of us, and the punk.
Don't forget that this Thursday Jared Shurin of the cult genre website Pornokitsch will be in conversation with James, talking about the new subgenre, who called it 'Godpunk' first, why humanity is compelled to rebel against the Divine, and just which is the best Pantheon of them all.

The sixth instalment in James's New York Times best-selling Pantheon series will launch at Blackwells Charing Cross Road on Thursday September 5th at 6pm. This event is free, but please book a place by emailing - best be quick as they;re going like hotcakes!

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