Nine Worlds Geekfest - 9th-11th August, Heathrow

So, most of you all probably know about the Nine Worlds convention taking place this weekend. If not, you can check out more details here

Anyway, many fine people are going to be there not least myself and Lou Morgan, author of brilliant Blood and Feathers books. My schedule is pretty easy to remember as I'm only doing one thing.

At 13:30 on Sunday you should come along to a panel I'm moderating called Nightmare Fuel: How to Scare your Audience for Fun and Profit, featuring Ben Aaronovitch, Kim Newman, Rebecca Levene, Will Hill and Deborah Hyde. This takes place at the Renaissance Hotel - George 1.

Lou's schedule is as follows:

Friday, 10.15pm: New Voices Slam Session
Saturday, 3.15pm: New Houses, Old Ghosts: reinventing mythology & the supernatural for the 21st Century (panel, along with Ben Aaronovitch, Kate Griffin, Barry Nugent and Jo Fletcher)
Saturday, 5pm: Signing, along with Ben Aaronovitch.


Do check out the 9 Worlds website for more details on these and other exciting things.

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