FEARSOME JOURNEYS into fantasy - Kate Elliott discusses Katharine Kerr’s Deverry series

From dragons to quests, from battles to magic – epic fantasy has never been more popular and now it has an exciting new series showcasing its best from Locus Award-nominated anthologist, Jonathan Strahan!

All this week, we'll be hearing from some of the authors involved in this fabulous new anthology, which is out now in paperback and ebook, so sit back and relax as they take you through their favourite fantasy worlds...

Today, author Kate Elliott talks about why she doesn't have a favourite...

I don’t have *a* favorite story or novel. Too many wonderful stories have crossed my path and I am grateful for each and every one and for the wonderful books that are waiting for me as yet unread.

Given the subject matter of my story in Fearsome Journeys and my desire to portray as main character a person who would often be ignored and passed over in many fantasy stories, I wanted to mention Katharine Kerr’s Deverry sequence (starting with Daggerspell) as an exemplar in how to write a range of female characters who have agency in diverse ways that fit the place they have in the societies she is writing about. 

Her women are old and they are young, they are married or unmarried, mothers or not, powerful or from humble and impoverished beginnings. They are not one thing because each one is a person in her own right.

For me as a reader, the presence of believable women characters makes the larger story of war, destiny, magic, and how the past ties into and influences the present that much richer and more true.

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