Hugo Awards nominations? Not one, but three!

Turns out that award nominations are like buses .... so long as you ignore the bit about 'waiting for ages for one' because, well, we haven't ... we definitely haven't...

Waitwaitwait, no - it's like "The best things come in threes". I may have got that wrong. Anyway...

With all the excitement about the Solaris Rising 2 launch last week, we thought we'd wait a few days before celebrating the fact that the nominations for the prestigious Hugo Awards have been announced and there are THREE mentions for us and our sister imprint Abaddon Books!

First up is one of our very popular anthologies from last year:

Best Editor, Short Form 
Jonathan Strahan

Jonathan edited Edge of Infinity, which according to SF Signal "effectively lays down a marker for Fourth Generation Science Fiction". Jonathan's a fantastic editor and we think this is bourne out by the fact that our second nomination is:

Best Novelette category

“The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi”, Pat Cadigan (from Edge of Infinity)

Pat's story was the opener for the anthology and set the bar massively high for the other authors. We have a new book by Jonathan coming out in June, Fearsome Journeys, in which he will be turning his excellent editorial eyes to the fantasy genre - we're looking forward to that one!

Last and, certainly by no means, least is:

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer
Chuck Wendig

Chuck is a phenomenal writer and our sister imprint, Abaddon Books, published his debut novel Double Dead in 2011, as well as its ebook follow-up Bad Blood.

They're  also publishing his exciting next novel, Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits, in May.

Good luck to everyone on the nominations list! The 2013 Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award winners will be announced Sunday, September 1, 2013, during the Hugo Awards Ceremony at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio, Texas.

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