VIDEO: the Roundheads help us launch Gideon's Angel at Blackwell's in London lastnight

Have at thee! We brought the English Civil War to Blackwell's in London yesterday for the official launch of Gideon's Angel, by Clifford Beal.
This is the perfect opportunity to launch our brand new YouTube channel, where we'll be posting up footage from book launches, as well as new title trailers, and author interviews and readings!

Here's editor-in-chief Jonathan Oliver interviewing Clifford before a live audience and flanked by two Roundheads!

The plot thickens when Gideon's Angel is released on February 28th in the UK and March 11th in the US & Canada...

And thanks to our stern-looking volunteer Roundheads - David Medley from The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of Foote and David Cooper from Histrionics!

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