Inviting you to the launch of Gideon's Angel

Hail and well met!

Mr Clifford Beal, one time editor of the informative pamphlet on military matters Jane’s Defence Weekly, hath penned a novel about these disparate times of warfare and strife. Wherein he reveals a most nefarious plot by disenfranchised Royalists to unseat our beloved Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell and, unbeknownst to them, replace him with King Satan himself!

To alert the slumbering populace of this threat, the printers of said novel – the fine Oxford gentlemen of the Solaris press – invite you to attend a discussion between Mr Beal and alderman & printer Jonathan Oliver Esq. at Blackwell’s book emporium in our fair capital, upon the 19th day of February AD 2013, from half past six of the evening, before repairing to a nearby hostelry for refreshments.

A guard of concerned citizens, dressed for the part, will accompany Mr Beal to ensure his safety.

We look forward to making or renewing your acquaintance.

Our very warmest regards

Michael Molcher Esq.
Bookseller, street-hawker, ne’erdowell

The Solaris Press

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