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Morris & Chastain Investigations:
Play With Fire
by Justin Gustainis
An ebook exclusive

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Epub ISBN: 9781849974745
Kindle ISBN: 9781849974752

“…an absolutely cracking read…” – Falcata Times on Sympathy for the Devil

“…the great characters … combined with the diabolical ambitions of an evil black wizard make Evil Ways a hugely readable book.” –

Urban fantasy sleuths Quincy Morris, great-grandson of Dracula’s killer, and his partner, white witch Libby Chastain are back with another disturbing case…

The thrilling new occult investigation from best-selling author Justin Gustainis, Play With Fire, is the latest ebook exclusive from Solaris!

Houses of worship are burning all across the U.S., churches, synagogues and mosques alike; usually while full of people.. Usually while the places are full of people. The fires are initially dismissed as unconnected acts of violence, until Morris – freshly released from jail after their last case – and Chastain track down the terrible meaning behind the destruction, and the dark cause the arsonists seek to serve. A race against time ensues, to stop a ritual that will cause the deaths of hundreds... and bring about the end of the world.

Play With Fire is available exclusively in ebook. Its twin novella Midnight at the Oasis, will be released in ebook at the same time as both are collected in paperback in April 2013.

About the series
Quincey Morris and his "consultant", white witch Libby Chastain, are Occult investigators in an electrifying series of supernatural thrillers following the exploits of occult investigators Quincey Morris and Libby Chastain, as they search out evil in the darkest corners of America. Previous titles include Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways and Sympathy for the Devil.

About the Author
Justin Gustainis is a college professor living in upstate New York. In earlier incarnations, he was an Army officer, garment worker, speechwriter, and professional bodyguard. In addition to 22 published short stories, he is author of the Haunted Scranton series (consisting of Hard Spell and Evil Dark, so far) and the Morris & Chastain Investigations series (consisting of Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways, and Sympathy for the Devil, as well as a standalone novel, The Hades Project). Mr. Gustainis is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop.

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