Rudolph, the Red-Nosed... Dragon. Christmas always needs a little fire and ice.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Solaris gave to me... the dragon of fire and dragon of cold and one tough-skinned warrior, Infidel. From conquering the malign Greatshadow, who is always ready to extinguish life, whether for holy duty or treasure, their success is necessary for mankind. But when Infidel loses her magic, are her invulnerable skin and strength enough to defeat the dragon Hush and vengeful witch-ghost who are both determined to end all daylight? Rudolph saved Christmas, but Infidel needs to save the world. This Christmas leave the reindeer and gather around the fire with dragons – who are infinitely more interesting anyway. 

£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-907992-73-5

The first book in The Dragon Apocalypse.

The warrior woman known as Infidel is legendary for her superhuman strength and skin tough as mail. Following the death of her closest companion, Infidel finds herself weary of life as a mercenary and sets her eyes on one final prize that will allow her to live out the rest of her days in luxury: the priceless treasure trove of Greatshadow.

Greatshadow is the primal dragon of fire. His malign intelligence spies upon mankind through every flickering candle, patiently waiting to devour victims careless with even the smallest flame. The Church of the Book has assembled a team of twelve battle-hardened adventurers to slay the dragon once and for all. But tensions run high between the leaders of the quest, who view the mission as a holy duty, and the super-powered mercenaries who add power to their ranks, who dream only of Greatshadow’s vast wealth. If the warriors fail to slay the beast, will they doom mankind to death by fire?

£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-78108-016-0

The second book of The Dragon Apocalypse.

The invulnerable, super-strong warrior Infidel has a secret: she’s lost her magical powers right at the moment when she needs them most. To keep a promise to a fallen friend, she must journey to the frozen wastelands of the north.

Her quest leads her through the abstract realms of the Sea of Wine, where she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens all life. Hush, the primal dragon of cold, has formed an alliance with the ghost of a vengeful witch to murder Glorious, the dragon of the sun, plunging the world into an unending winter night.

Without her magical strength, can Infidel possibly survive her battle with Hush? If she fails to save Glorious, will the world see another morning?

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