Relax back into past times... of ancient civilizations and ancient gods.

On the ninth day of Christmas, Solaris gave to me... a time-travel into ancient times, where the Macht seek to reign, and then back again to modern day, where ancient gods rule the day. I saw the Kings of Morning, where the great, young Corvus, king of the Macht, prepares the final overthrow of an invincible empire. Then arriving back in 2012, I found myself in London, where jungle overran concrete blocks. I had entered the Age of Aztec to watch a single vigilante and the detective determined to catch him on a quest to prevent the apocalypse. Perhaps ‘relaxing’ isn’t the right word, but this Christmas allow yourself some classic enjoyment that you won’t regret.

£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-907519-38-3

The final, thrilling conclusion to the Macht Trilogy.

For the first time in recorded history, the ferocious city-states of the Macht now acknowledge a single man as their overlord. Corvus, the strange and brilliant boy-general, is now High King, having united his people in a fearsome, bloody series of battles and sieges. He is not yet thirty years old.

A generation ago, ten thousand of the Macht marched into the heart of the ancient asurian empire and fought their way back out again, passing into legend. Corvus’s father was one of those who undertook that march, and his most trusted general, Rictus, was their leader. But he intends to do more. The preparations will take years, but when they are complete, Corvus will lead an invasion the likes of which the world of Kuf has never seen. Under him, the Macht will undertake nothing less than the overthrow of the entire Asurian Empire...

£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-907992-80-3

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Pantheon series

The date is 4 Jaguar 1 Monkey 1 House – November 25th 2012, by the old reckoning – and the Aztec Empire rules the world.

The Aztec reign is one of cruel and ruthless oppression, fuelled by regular human sacrifices. In the jungle-infested city of London, one man defies them: the masked vigilante known as the Conquistador.

Then the Conquistador is recruited to spearhead an uprising, and discovers a terrible truth about the Aztec and their gods. The clock is ticking. Apocalypse looms, unless the Conquistador can help assassinate the mysterious, immortal Aztec emperor, the Great Speaker. But his mission is complicated by Mal Vaughn, a police detective who is on his trail, determined to bring him to justice.

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