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Today is the day, oh wonderful readers! The MAGIC anthology launch is today, Foyles on Charing Cross Road from 6:30pm! For more details of the launch click HERE. So here I am, going for another round with a one of our wonderful contributors to the MAGIC anthology, asking about their influences, inspirations and what they would do if they had the ability to cast one spell...

Here we interview Will Hill, writer of the story SHUFFLEin the MAGIC anthology:

1] What was the idea that inspired you to write this story?

The story came from a single image that came to me out of nowhere, of a man with most of a deck of cards tattooed on his forearm. It was so striking that I immediately started trying to work out who this man was, why he had the tattoo, why the deck of cards was incomplete, and the story appeared pretty quickly, relatively fully-formed.

2] What do you think about the short story form in general?

Shuffle is the first short story I've had published, and was also the first I’d written in more than a decade, since I was at university. I find writing novels a lot easier – the scope and space my writing process better and, for me, a word count is a serious challenge! I love reading them though – I think good short stories are pure writing, as there is no room for the superfluous, or the unnecessary. And I found writing Shuffle a real pleasure, once I got into it.

3] What does your writing process involve?

I plan and plot and edit at home, then actually write prose in the British Library, which is not far from where I live. Shuffle took about two days to write, mostly due to the fragmented structure I decided to use, and then about another half a day to edit and polish. The final part of the process was reading the story aloud; with dialogue and first person narratives I find that speaking (and hearing) the prose reveals unconvincing writing more quickly than anything else.

4]When it comes to writing, who are your biggest literary influences?

Stephen King, Roald Dahl, Bret Easton Ellis, John Connolly, Clive Barker, Philip Pullman.

5] Are you reading anything at the moment and if so, what?

Right now I’m reading RED COUNTRY by Joe Abercrombie. It’s really, really good. When that’s finished, the next thing on my reading pile is THE CHILD WHO by Simon Lelic, which I’m really looking forward to.

6] Why were you attracted to contributing to the ‘Magic’ anthology?

I’ve known Jon (Oliver, the editor of 'Magic') for a couple of years now, and I loved the two previous anthologies he edited ('The End of the Line' and 'House of Fear'), so when he asked me if I wanted to be involved with 'Magic' I jumped at the chance. I was excited about testing myself with something unfamiliar, something out of my comfort zone in terms of format and content, and as the other contributors began to commit, I got really excited about having my work appear alongside theirs. Some of my favourite writers are in this anthology.

7. What are your upcoming projects after ‘Magic?’

The third volume of my 'Department 19' series publishes in April 2013 from Harper Collins, followed by the final two books in 2014 and 2015. My first ever novella publishes next month as part of the 'A Town Called Pandemonium' anthology from Jurassic London.

8. If you had the ability to cast one spell, what spell would it be?

I’d like to slow time down. I think every writer I know would appreciate that spell.

Will Hill is a writer of novels and short stories. He is currently writing the third book of his Department 19 action-horror series. Originally from Lincolnshire he now lives in East London.

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