Defiant Peaks Will Be Available On Amazon...

Hi all,

So some of our UK customers have gone to and ordered the "Mass Market Paperback" version of Juliet E. McKenna's Defiant Peaks, only to receive an email advising them that it "was no longer available."

Just to briefly clarify: Defiant Peaks will still be available to buy on 6th December as scheduled. It's just the US edition of the book, which was offered to UK buyers for preorder by a minor glitch on the Amazon system (now fixed), which isn't available for UK customers (different issues are available in different regions).

Read Juliet's blog post about the issue here.

So if you're keenly awaiting the third and final part in Juliet's brilliant Hadrumal Crisis trilogy, you can still order it on Amazon; you're just going to have to go back and order the version that's currently still on offer on the UK website.

Apologies for any confusion and/or alarm this has caused. Your quality politics-and-magic saga will still be available...



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