Coming soon: ancient horrors in a Broken Britain…

The Concrete Grove Trilogy:
Beyond Here Lies Nothing
By Gary McMahon

Horror returns 28th August (US & Can) and 13th September (UK)

£7.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-78108-020-7
$8.99/$10.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-78108-021-4

Available as an ebook


Gary McMahon returns to the Concrete Grove, the ‘sink estate’ where nightmares are all too real…

Marc Price arrives on the estate to research a book about the “Northumberland Poltergeist,” an infamous case from the 1970s. As Marc teases out the suppressed details of the story, he finds himself drawn to a woman whose young daughter went missing years ago during a spate of child abductions. Then the scarecrows appear, their heads plastered with photographs of the long-missing and the dead…

A door has been opened and a presence is about to step through. It is up to Marc to put the ghosts to rest and unravel fact from fiction.

McMahon’s Concrete Grove series is a spine-tingling contemporary horror trilogy merging ancient horrors with modern themes of deprivation and social despair. Join him as he closes this stunning trilogy with with a very different kind of ‘broken Britain’.

“…will send your senses reeling as McMahon ramps up the scare factor along the way - 8/10”
– Spooky Reads on Concrete Grove

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