The Voice of the Angels

So, as we well know, you're all excited about the imminent release of Lou Morgan's stormingly brilliant debut novel, Blood and Feathers. Already this novel has reaped extensive praise from all quarters and if that's not enough to convince you then Pye Parr's incredible cover should certainly seal the deal.

Those fine folk at My Bookish Ways have been the very first to review Blood and Feathers and they absolutely loved it:

"I loved this book. Mallory is a slovenly, hard drinking, gun toting, smart mouthed angel with plenty of attitude, and I loved him. Vin, her angelic bodyguard, follows a close second, and Alice is a strong, brave heroine who’s had to deal with plenty of backlash in her life because of her otherness, and has always blamed herself for her mother’s abandonment. Can you imagine the news that you will have to go to hell and use your newfound powers to restore the balance in order to save humanity?"

You can also find an interview with Lou Morgan over at the same site.

So, after perusing all that you should totally point your browsers here, or here, and get yourself a copy of this much anticipated urban fantasy debut.


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drooling over the cover! The blurb sounds so good :D

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