Coming Soon: Solaris Rising 1.5!

In November 2011 we re-launched the Solaris Book of New Science Fiction series as  Solaris Rising.  Ian Whates did an incredible job of assembling 19 outstanding stories; they had no theme, except to demonstrate brilliant writing and show how amazing and varied SF can be. The response to the collection, both critically and commercially, has been astounding. Amazing. Better than we hoped. 

So of course we had Ian working on Solaris Rising 2 as quickly as possible. That means we have SR2 to be published in early 2013.


We weren’t sure if we, let alone readers, could wait that long, so then we decided to give Ian some news. We were too impatient to wait, we wanted another collection sooner, halfway between SR1 and SR2. After some arm-twisting, Ian – who has an amazing ability to bring the best stories out of the most talented writers – was onboard. The writing had to be just as brilliant and you can’t just magic these things up, so this collection would be half the size – 9 stories – and only available in ebook, thereby circumnavigating the long lead times of physical publishing and distribution. Just one thing left to decide, what shall we call it? Well, it’s obvious really: Solaris Rising 1.5.

Ian delivered it to us last month and once again we’ll be publishing the most amazing collection of authors and fantastic breadth of stories. We’ll be publishing it Tuesday July 17th. Hold on to your hats (and ereaders).

Solaris Rising 1.5, featuring:
Adam Roberts
Aliette de Bodard
Gareth L. Powell
Mike Resnick
Sarah Lotz
Phillip Vine
Tanith Lee
Paul Cornell
Paul di Filippo

Out Monday July 16th

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