Salvation from above – but at what cost?

New Eric Brown SF title for Solaris announced for 2013

Solaris is proud to announce that bestselling SF master Eric Brown is to pen an original novel for the imprint in 2013.

The writer behind Helix, Guardians of the Phoenix, and The Kings of Eternity, Brown’s new title The Serene Invasion is due for release in May 2013.

The novel sees a chaotic and desperate Earth saved by benevolent aliens, the Serene. But not all humans are grateful for this intervention.

The Serene Invasion will combine both a moving message for our times and hope for the future with a vision of the basest of human emotion – yet again confirming Brown as a bold, strong, and authoritative voice in the world of science fiction.

“Eric is a writer of startling vision and depth and a new novel from him is always a cause for celebration,” said Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of Solaris. “The Serene Invasion promises to show why Eric should be listed alongside such luminaries of the field as Iain Banks and Peter F. Hamilton.”

The year is 2025 and the world is riven by war, terrorist attacks, poverty and increasingly desperate demands for water, oil, and natural resources. Sally Walsh, working in drought stricken Uganda, is torn between the need to perform her duty as a doctor and the need to get out after four years in the field. Then she is kidnapped by terrorists and threatened with death...

What saves her life is the arrival of an extraterrestrial race from Delta Pavonis - the Serene, whose intervention in the affairs of humanity will change everything.

Some people, however, oppose the benign invasion of the Serene, and will stop at nothing to return to the bad old days.

About the author
Eric Brown sold his first book in 1990, the collection The Time-Lapsed Man and other Stories, and has since published over forty books – novels, collections, novellas and children's books. He has published more than a hundred short stories, and has won the BSFA story award twice, in 2000 and 2002. His latest book is The Devil's Nebula for Abaddon Books, and he writes a monthly SF review column for The Guardian. He lives in Dunbar, Scotland, with his wife and daughter.

His work for Solaris includes Helix, Kethani, Necropath, Cosmopath, Xenopath, Engineman, Guardians of the Phoenix, and The Kings of Eternity. He has also created the new Weird Space shared world for sister imprint, Abaddon Books, the first book of which, The Devil’s Nebula, is out now.

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