Solaris scoops (is that the right word?) award nominations! Huzzah!

We love what we do, and we hope you do too. So when someone says 'well done' for doing what we love it makes it even more worthwhile...

We're delighted to have discovered that our House of Fear anthology, edited by our own Jonathan Oliver, has been nominated for 'Best Anthology' in the British Fantasy Society Awards! Not only that, but one of the short stories from the collection, Florrie by Adam Nevill, has been nominated for the 'Short Fiction' award!


And just a day after we announce that Solaris is to publish Lavie Tidhar's groundbreaking Osama in paperback, than the title is announced as one of the contenders for the finals of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award! Fingers crossed for Lavie, for what is an absolutely stunning book that we're delighted to be publishing.

Double huzzah!

Keep an eye on the Solaris Editors Blog for future updates!


DRC said...

Double Hazzah indeed!!! :)

FantasyBytes said...

Much Awesomeness :)
Solaris takes over world! Woop!