Vacancies are ALWAYS open at the Deadfall Hotel... read an extended excerpt

"A dark and moving story of love, loss and change, with a posse of horror kittens thrown into the mix."

"...just when you think you’ve found the lay of the land in this most rich and fertile of imaginative plains, and you’re thrown a twist or turn, or simple line of speech masquerading as so much more. Just when you think you’ve nailed a certain style or emotion in the text and again it buckles and surprises."

Deadfall Hotel
by Steve Rasnic Tem

Out now in US & Canada and on 10th May in the UK and Ireland.

The Deadfall Hotel is where our nightmares go, where the dead pause to rest between worlds, and where Richard Carter and his daughter Serena go to rediscover life — if the things at the hotel don’t kill them first.

The product of nearly twenty years of work, Deadfall Hotel is arguably Solaris’ most ambitious and striking title to date. Steve Rasnic Tem’s entrancing and powerful prose combines the atmosphere of Edward Gorey with the phantasmagoric richness of Mervyn Peake, creating a unique work of genius that will leave you spellbound.

Explore for yourself what may be the Bram Stoker, British Fantasy and World Fantasy award-winning author's finest creation to date with an extended excerpt from the novel, courtesy of Weird Fiction Review.

There's also an absolutely fascinating interview with Steve Rasnic Tem at the Create Your Own Genre blog:
My new novel Deadfall Hotel has been in progress since the mid-eighties.  It’s become like that older child you still have living at home.  You’re very proud of it, and somewhat possessive—in the case of Deadfall it was an imagined location that had kept me entranced for years—and I was its sole possessor.  Sometimes it felt like a place I lived in by myself.
In more than 30 years as a professional writer, Steve Rasnic Tem has published over 300 short stories, three collections, and four novels, as well as hundreds of poems, essays, articles etc. He is a past winner of the British Fantasy Award, World Fantasy, Bram Stoker, and International Horror Guild awards, and had been nominated for the Philip K. Dick, Shirley Jackson, and Theodore Sturgeon awards. His collection of noir fiction, Ugly Behaviour, will appear from New Pulp Press in August of 2012, to be followed by a fantasy collection from Chizine in 2013.

“Steve Rasnic Tem is a rare treasure”
NYT bestselling author Dan Simmons

"Eerie, disturbing, yet strangely touching, you’ll check in but may never check out."
– Christopher Fowler

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