2012 is the year of Eric Brown at Abaddon and Solaris!

“Eric Brown spins a terrific yarn.”
SFX on Guardians of the Phoenix

Eric Brown is  one of the strongest voices in SF today and we at Abaddon/Solaris Towers are all very much enthusiastic Brownites!

The best-selling author of Helix, Engineman and The Kings of Eternity, while he may not have punctuated the mainstream consciousness in the way Alastair Reynolds or Iain M Banks has (yet) he's the kind of writer that inspires others in the indsutry, bringing a remarkable freshness and sense of scale to space opera but not missing out on the most important part - the human element.

“A masterful storyteller. Eric Brown is often lauded as the next big thing in science fiction and you can see why...”
– Strange Horizons

Last year's Kings of Eternity was published to widespread acclaim by Solaris last year and 2012 is going to be another bumper year for Eric Brown fans at Abaddon and Solaris...

First off we have the beginning of a brand new shared world, specially created for Abaddon by Eric.

Weirdspace is a thrilling new space-opera series which begins in June, with the release of The Devil's Nebula.

In the first book in this epic new series, he introduces readers to the human smugglers,  veterans and ne’erdowells who are part of the Expansion – and their uneasy neighbours, the Vetch Empire.

When an evil race threatens not only the Expansion, but the Vetch too - an evil from another dimension which infests humans and Vetch alike and bends individuals to do their hideous bidding, only cooperation between them means the difference between a chance of survival and no chance at all.

Eric has meticulously created a massive shared world of interstellar potential, which other writers will explore with each new book.

On top of this, in October Solaris is publishing Mr Brown's sequel to his ever-popular Helix - Helix Wars.

Published in 2007 and reprinted several times since, Helix was another breathtaking leap into the unknown by this master of the imagination. It revealed the worlds of a mindbogglingly vast spiral construct, wound around a single sun. The work of an ancient alien race known only as the Builders, the helix resembles a spiral staircase with each twist or circle consisting of well over ten thousand worlds. Like a bead on a string, each world has its own unique atmosphere and there the alien races of the helix number some six thousand, all at varying levels of technological accomplishment.

As the name suggests, in Helix Wars things are not all hunky dory in this constellation of worlds!

If this has whet your appetite, The Speculative Scotsman has not just produced a great interview with the man himself, but has also put together a pretty authoritative guide to his work which is well worth a read!

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