COMING SOON: Welcome back to Concrete Grove. The place you can never truly leave…

Silent Voices
by Gary McMahon

Terror returns 27th March (US & Canada) and 12th April (UK)

$8.99/$10.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-907992-7-97

Available as an ebook

Gary McMahon returns to the Concrete Grove, the ‘sink estate’ where nightmares are all too real…

Twenty years ago three young boys staggered out of an old building. Missing for a weekend, the boys had no idea of where they’d been and swore they’d been gone for only an hour - yet all knew their lives had been marked by an unimaginable horror.

Now grown up, when one of them returns to the Concrete Grove to see his old friends things once buried begin to claw their way back to the surface and the past is about to catch up with them all…

McMahon’s Concrete Grove series is a spine-tingling contemporary horror trilogy merging ancient horrors with modern themes of deprivation and social despair. Join him in Silent Voices as he returns to a very different kind of ‘broken Britain’.

“…will send your senses reeling as McMahon ramps up the scare factor along the way - 8/10”
– Spooky Reads on Concrete Grove

“…told with skill, beauty and sincerity. Read The Concrete Grove because it deals in horror that cuts deeper than beasts, monsters, zombies and werewolves”
– Read Horror

Other books in the series
Imagine a place where all your nightmares become real. Think of dark urban streets where crime, debt and violence are not the only things to fear. Picture a housing project that is a gateway to somewhere else, a realm where ghosts and monsters stir hungrily in the shadows. Welcome to the Concrete Grove. It knows where you live... Gary McMahon’s chilling horror trilogy shows us a Britain many of us will recognise, while whispering of the terrible and arcane presences clawing against the boundaries of our reality…

About the Author
Gary McMahon’s fiction has appeared in anthologies in both the UK and US, including The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror and The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. He is the British-Fantasy-Award-nominated author of Rough Cut, All Your Gods Are Dead, Dirty Prayers, How to Make Monsters, Rain Dogs, Different Skins, Pieces of Midnight, The Harm and Hungry Hearts.

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