Rebellion Store Now Open!

Seriously. If you've seen or done something cool recently, it's Not As Cool As This. I promise you.

At long last, Rebellion Publishing has opened its own book store!

Do you like ebooks?  Course you do!*

Well, we got loads! And we're selling them online!

The new Rebellion Publishing Ebook Store,, is the last word in Abaddon and Solaris ebooks. Almost our entire list of electronic is up there already, and they should all be up there very shortly.

And we have the best prices around for our ebooks.

So, why are you still reading this? Go! Buy our damn ebooks! Fill your reader!

*Or probably. I'm kinda going on faith here that you like ebooks. I mean, you like books, right? And you're online, so you must like e-things. So, ebooks! They're pretty cool, right? Well, to Hell with you, then. We like them.

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