Free books, you say? Also, Jon Oliver Interviewed

Hey all,

So, do you like free books?

What kind of question is that? Who the hell doesn't like free books?

Well, if you haven't already bought last year's top-notch underground-themed horror anthology End of the Line, edited by Mr. Jon Oliver, now may be your chance to get your hands on a free copy (or hell, even if you have, it could always be a Christmas gift for someone, right?).

The tenth issue of Haunted magazine (cover pictured below) comes with a free copy of the book for the first nine hundred buyers.

It's available at literally dozens of WHSmith outlets all around the country, from Aberdeen to Worcester. Check it out...

And while you're admiring your handsome new free copy of "a collection of innovative and disturbing stories on a classic horror theme," (Pornokitsch) don't throw away that glossy, glossy magazine just yet! Oh, no!

Quite apart from an engaging, informed, varied and bang-up-to-the-minute journal of ghosts, ghost-hunters and the paranormal in the UK, you get to read the thoughts of the anthology's editor, Solaris Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Oliver, on ghost stories and horror. Which is, I am sure you'll agree, a treat at the best of times.




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