The Election Campaign: Vote for Stark

LinkOkay, so we don't usually get involved with politics on the Solaris blog, but this time, we just felt we had to. You could say something was compelling us, in fact.

Howard Stark's ground-breaking campaign promises 'the end of all our problems, once and for all'. Visit his website for more details.

Incidentally, we've been informed by, well, I believe the man and the young woman in the quite chilly-looking outfit who came knocking at our door late last night claimed to be from 'Morris and Chastain Investigations', that you can find out "all you need to know about Howard Stark" in the upcoming book by Justin Gustainis, Sympathy for the Devil.

Sympathy for the Devil, they say? Oh. Perhaps Mr. Stark is a Rolling Stones fan?



Libby said...

And when we say 'all you need to know' about Howard Stark, we mean you really, really NEED to know.


Morris and Chastain Investigations are known troublemakers! If you see them again, you should alert the authorities!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not everybody in Hell is happy with the plan to put Stark in the White House. One faction fears it may bring Armageddon, so they sent me to stop him -- for good (or bad). I used to kill people for the CIA, then I died and went to Hell. Now I'm back -- and Stark is a dead man.