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Today sees the release of The Concrete Grove, book one in a chilling new horror trilogy from Gary McMahon

"The Concrete Grove is a bleak orchard of humanity where you hardly dare look at what dark things hang gleaming in the trees." - Graham Joyce, author of The Silent Land.

"The Concrete Grove is McMahon's most accomplished work to date. A compelling novel of extremes." - Mark Morris, author of The Deluge

"There's a new wave of brilliant horror writers, and McMahon's right there at the top of them." - Andy Remic, author of Kell's Legend

"McMahon's visionary sense of the supernatural makes The Concrete Grove one exciting read." - Steve Rasnic Tem, co-author of The Man on The Ceiling

"One of the hottest horror writers the UK has ever produced." - Morpheus Tales

"The outstanding British horror writer of our times." - The Black Abyss

"A book with horror oozing out of its very pores." - Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

"McMahon has nailed the art of horror." - Terror Tree

"A scary as hell novel." - Falcata Times

"The Concrete Grove serves as a wicked keystone for its sequels. It's fast paced, its characters grab your attention, and will send your senses reeling as McMahon ramps up the scare factor along the way." - Spooky Reads

£7.99 - ISBN: 978-1-907519-94-9
$7.99 - ISBN: 978-1-907519-95-6

Also available as an e-book.

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