International Steampunk Day (We Love Steampunk Detectives!)

As it's International Steampunk Day, we thought it might be a good time to mention that our sister imprint, Abaddon Books, has launched its first $0.99 ebook, with The Ulysses Quicksilver Short Story Collection!

Do you want to try out one of the world's longest-running steampunk series? These three short stories have been hand-picked by the author, from his earlier works, to provide the perfect introduction the world of Pax Britannia!

LinkThe ebook is available to download for 99 cents through Kindle (UK 69p) and iTunes (UK 49p).

This month also saw the release of Tim Aker's Dead of Veridon! his stand alone hardboiled detective adventure from the man who brought you Heart of Veridon showcases the adventures of disowned aristocrat Jacob Burn and his backtalking anansi associate, Wilson, as they investigate a strange plague infecting the city's underwater residents, the Fehn... have provided a cracking review of the book
, praising Akers's 'superior world-building', his 'captivating' monsters and concluding that: 'Those who enjoy their steampunk tech with a high dose of technofantasy, their “punk” to be the criminal element in a corrupt society, and pulpy dialogue should pick up Dead of Veridon. Though if reading it at a beach, you may find yourself eyeing the water warily from time to time.'


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