That Eric Brown Signing...

Wotcher all,

As you may remember, Eric Brown was due to head out to Forbidden Planet last night to sign copies of his magnificent octopus, The Kings of Eternity (cover by Dominic Harman, right).

Well, come he did, and sign he did, and a splendid time was had by all.

I wasn't there, but our diligent account manager Ben Smith was, and was kind enough to take a couple of photos and put together a few of those "word" things you've heard so much about, about his experiences of the evening.

He is, however, terrified of the blog, and so has asked me to post his "words" up for him.

Take it away, Ben!


Last night’s pre-release signing of Kings of Eternity by Eric Brown at London’s Forbidden Planet flagship store was a big success. The surprise of the night came when celebrity fan and American SF luminary, Gregory Benford, turned up to meet Eric Brown. Now, coming in from East Finchley is one thing, but coming all the way from California shows real dedication.

Greg and Eric talked about Sci-Fi; whether it’s better to live in the city versus the country; questioned why are there so few SF writers in the Big Smoke these days; and most controversially got onto to fathoming why Doctor Who is so popular. Eric explained it’s wired into the DNA over here, Benford, from behind his very stylish eye-glasses looked unconvinced. When informed that Michael Moorcock had written the most recent Who novel he had to visibly take a moment to absorb the information.

Before the crowds had arrived Forbidden Planet had asked Brown to sign some extra 1st editions of Kings so those who did not make it down on the night can order one off the website or pick them up in-store – while stocks last!

- Ben Smith

Awesome. Many thanks, Ben.


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