Recent Reviews: Strahan, Williams and Brown

Let’s not mince words here. Engineering Infinity is one of the best science-fiction collections to hit bookshelves in years, marrying hard sci-fi and big ideas with a whirlwind of talent and innovation. From time travel to world-building to body modification, each story is a universe unto itself, as complete as it is fascinating.
The San Francisco Book Review, on Engineering Infinity

Yet again, I couldn’t stop reading and (yet again) I’m recommending a Conrad Williams book to you all...
Graeme's Fantasy Book Review, on Loss of Separation by Conrad Williams

Powered by imagination and executed with a loving eye for language, ‘Engineman’ is more than worthy of a place on your bookshelf. But that’s not all – this reprint includes the original novel plus eight extra short stories set in the same universe... all of which makes for a great bargain when the quality is as good as this.
Mass Movement Magazine reviews Eric Brown's Engineman

Survivors battling the odds - and cannibals - is as relentless as the sun beating down on its protagonists. ... devoid of Mad Max-esque cliches and features a didn't-see-it-coming ending that is wholly to Brown's credit.
Focus Magazine on Eric Brown's Guardians of the Phoenix


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