Juliet E. McKenna ebooks: Irons in the Fire

Just a quick announcement to say that the first of our Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution spring ebook releases is now online. You can buy the first book in this stunning fantasy trilogy, Irons in the Fire, now, at amazon.com or amazon.co.uk.

There. Hasn't that brightened up your Monday morning?

The country of Lescar was carved out of the collapse of the Old Tormalin Empire. Every generation has seen the land laid waste by rival dukes fighting for the High King’s empty crown.
Tathrin’s parents apprenticed him in the distant city of Vanam to escape the recurrent skirmishes. He meets Aremil, another Lescari albeit from another dukedom, whose parents have their own reasons for sending him so far away. These two young men cannot forget their homeland. Can they persuade other exiles with Lescari blood that something must be done to relieve their kinfolk’s misery? If they can persuade Branca, the down-to-earth scholar, to share the ancient lore which she has studied, then this mismatched band of commoners, merchants and nobles can begin plotting a revolution.
Meanwhile, back in Lescar, Failla, a duke’s beautiful mistress, is risking her own life to help those already secretly working to frustrate their feudal lords’ selfish ambitions. Will Litasse, Duchess of Triolle, and Hamare, the duke’s spymaster, uncover this conspiracy before the exiles can join forces with these hidden rebels? Hamare’s ruthless right-hand man Karn already has his suspicions.

Full of rich characters and high adventure, this novel marks the beginning of a thrilling new fantasy series.


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