The SFX Weekender: The Talent

And it's straight into our second round! (Check out The SFX Weekender, or What the Hell Happened, Mr. Moore? for the first round)

After the fantastic success of last year's event, and some great signing and fan-meeting opportunities for a bunch of our Abaddon authors, we were very pleased to be able to bring some more Solaris talent to the SFX Weekender this time around.

James Lovegrove - sorry, that's New York Times Best Selling Author James Lovegrove - was happy to pop around to promote the recent release of his third Pantheon book, The Age of Odin, and the indomitable Andy Remic held the exclusive world premier launch of his fourth Combat-K book, Cloneworld.

Here are some shots of the chaps hard at work.

Our very own Ben Smith showing off the latest Remic book, Cloneworld, and Rem himself lending a hand at the stall. Sitting behind his books and offering us a little jazz-hands. Not a lot that can't be improved with a little jazz-hands, that's what I always say.

Rem holding up a copy of his seminal new work, and wearing the famous hat - which he apparently stole off Ronan Keating, although I'm sure that's another story altogether - which appears in his utterly remarkable promotional video for the book.

Rem with the lads from the Geek Syndicate sci-fi podcast. I guess they like his work.

Rem comparing hats with Robert Rankin. A hats-off, if you will.

Rem with a handful of his adoring fans.

James gesturing enthusiastically to a fan, and appearing in someone else's photo opportunity. I guess I appear in his photo too. If you see a photo from the opposite angle with me in it, somewhere on the web, let us know.

James signing books.

James appearing on a panel about the future of vampires on TV, with Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Toby Whithouse, Sarah Pinborough and James Moran. James opened with, "I had no idea why I was invited to sit on a panel about vampires, until my publisher reminded me that I'd just written a vampire book."

SFX's Dave Golder moderating the vampire panel.

James looking absorbed in the panel.

Awesome. Coming up, The SFX Weekender: Work Hard, Play Hard...



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