Solaris Books hits 1000 twitter followers!

We hit one thousand twitter followers today, hooray! We regularly update twitter with recent reviews, news stories concerning Solaris, competitions, and we also answer questions from fans, too. You can find us here if you're not already one of our loyal followers.

There are several Solaris Books authors also one twitter, including but not limited to:-

Rowena Cory Daniells, @rcdaniells, author of last year's bestselling King Rolen's Kin triliogy, and more!
Gary McMahon @GaryMc_Author author of the upcoming horror novels The Concrete Grove trilogy.
Jonathan Strahan @JonathanStrahan, editor of the recent Engineering Infinity anthology of hard SF.
Tim Akers @TimAkers author of Heart of Veridon, the upcoming sequel Dead of Veridon and recent winner SciFi Now magazine's Rising Star Award.
Gail Z. Martin @GailZMartin who writes fantasy series The Chronicles of the Necromancer.
Gareth L. Powell @GarethLPowell whose innovative SF novel, The Recollection, Solaris will be releasing this year.

And let's not forget our own Editor in Chief, Mr. Jon Oliver! @JonOliverEditor


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