Wotcher all!

Hope you've all enjoyed "Blue Portal," the free ebook sample chapter from Eric Brown's upcoming The Kings of Eternity (if not, go now and read).

And now, some reviewspam.

Alice Wybrew at Total Sci-Fi Online has posted a very warm review of Paul Kearney's Corvus, awarding 8/10:

"Kearney’s effective mix of carnage and gut-wrenching moments mean you’ll be thinking about Corvus long after you’ve finished it."

Keith Harvey at Hub Magazine also included a detailed and very respectful review (warning - PDF) of Corvus:

"Corvus is a jewel of a novel and easily meets the challenge of the very successful The Ten Thousand. It feels very much like a Gemmell novel but... harder, sharper, and tighter."

Patrick Mahon at SF Crow's Nest was very impressed by Eric Brown's Engineman:

"I thoroughly enjoyed Engineman. Like most of Brown’s stories, the SF plot and setting are used to explore the lives of a set of complex, three-dimensional characters."

So some good results, there. Glad to see.


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