Remic vs McMahon

Wotcher all,

Just a quickie. Andy Remic, the hardest man in SF (and fantasy), author of the Combat K novels (including the upcoming Cloneworld, launching at the SFXWeekender in February), has drawn our attention to a video of an interview he conducted with the equally rambunctious Gary McMahon, whose Concrete Grove series is launching next summer, in a pub at the World Horror Convention.

(The interview, that is. Was conducted in a pub at the WHC, I mean. I mean to say, the launch won't be conducted in a pub at the WHC - Hell, you'll probably be able to pick up a copy, and say Hi to Gary, 'cos he's usually there, but I don't think there are any firm plans - so much as the interview between Gary and Andy was. At a pub at the WHC. Look, just watch it.)

Check it out here.



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