End of the Line launch party!

On Tuesday night we launched The End of the Line at Foyles on Charing Cross Road, London. Anthology editor Jonathan Oliver, and London-resident authors Pat Cadigan, Christopher Fowler and Adam Nevill spoke on a panel on horror fiction, and then held a signing. The panel was a success, with over one hundred and fifty people on the guestlist, the Foyles events manager said told us he'd never seen the events room so full!

Sounds like people had a great time, there have already been two write-ups of the event, one from writer Lou Morgan and one from the Dark Fiction Review.

Afterwards we held the launch party at the Phoenix Artist's Club, Soho, and the writers did what writers do best... make friends! (Did you think I was going to say drink? Well, to be honest, they did that too.)

Chris Fowler, Sarah Pinborough, Adam Nevill and End of the Line author Conrad Williams

David Bradley, editor-in-chief of SFX, and End of the Line author Al Ewing

Editor David Moore, Charles Rudkin, End of the Line author Gary MacMahon and Abaddon Books author Scott Andrews


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I have still not quite cleaned all of Gary's spittle from my head.