The End of the Line in the Times!

Wotcher all,

Okay, it's not the first time we've appeared in The Times, and nor will it be the last, but it is always nice to get in one of the big daily papers. Lisa Tuttle has reviewed The End of the Line for the Saturday Times, which came out last Saturday 20th November:

Supernatural horror fiction is undergoing something of a renaissance, and an excellent sampling of the best writers in this field is provided by THE END OF THE LINE (Solaris, £7.99), edited by Jonathan Oliver.

Although they share a common background - most are set on the London Underground - the stories cover a surprisingly diverse range, from the graphic sex and violence of Stephen Volk's savage tale of voyeurism and corruption among media folk to Christopher Fowler's unexpectedly gentle ghost story. The stories by Pat Cadigan, Nicholas Royle and Ramsey Campbell are also exceptionally good.




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