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Bit of an unscheduled Reviewspam update, since you only had one a day or so ago, but a bunch of new reviews have landed on my lap.

First off, Angus over at Fantasy Literature gives five stars to Paul Kearney's Hawkwood and the Kings.

"Kearney’s battle scenes are the best I have ever read in fantasy, or even empirical history, and that includes the likes of Steven Erikson and George R.R. Martin... I strongly recommend readers of good epic fantasy everywhere to buy The Monarchies of God, now."

Angus then goes on to give four and a half stars to the second half of the Monarchies of God series, Century of the Soldier.

"A familiar story about the human condition that is freshly executed... Kearney’s battles are vivid, intense, alive, brutal, and bloody... The political drama is quick, intelligent and exciting."

And then Mark Chitty over at Walker of Worlds gives Eric Brown's Engineman nine out of ten.

"All in all I would highly recommend Engineman - it's got great characters, great tech and a wonderful story that is nicely wrapped up at the end. It's also the sort of sci-fi that doesn't throw the science in your face and uses it as a background detail to tell the story rather than depending on it. Another favourite of mine!"

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