Greetings from Columbus, Ohio

Honestly, what time do you people call this? Well, it's quarter to midday where you folk are, but it's quarter to seven am here. Been up since 5am on account of the jetlag.

Got here around 8pm last night and managed to last until 10pm before my brain turned to goo. On the way in, at Newark airport, saw Brian Lumley (he of Necroscope fame) and we chatted for a while, while waiting for our connecting flight. The flight to Columbus was a twin prop, so it felt all very Indian Jones. Propellers and everything! Well cool! At the other end Farah Mendelsohn, Brett Cox, Suzie McKee Charnas and I piled into a cab.

Got to the hotel, checked in, then had a look-see to see who was around. Almost immediately saw Tim Akers (Dead of Veridon) and we chatted for a good while about books, life in general and roleplaying games. (Turns out Tim and I are massive gaming geeks). Then a quick chat with the good folks from Jabberwocky Literary Agency (Eddie and Jessie) and it was time for bed. Well it was still well early, but to me it was insane o'clock. Bumped into John Berlyne in reception and managed a bleary goodnight before I retreated to my room. So, that's how its been so far. Today, I will take in some panels, some talks and some readings and try to network. Oh yes, I'm a media type now, Right, to breakfast!

By the way, I did bring the camera but forgot the connection to the laptop. So I will take pictures but they'll be posted later.

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