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Well it's been a fantastic month for Solaris, with our new titles garnering praise here, there and everywhere. Of particular note are the reviews for The King's Bastard by Rowena Cory Daniells:

Den of Geek give it four stars no less and say "It's a story of kings and queens, beasts and warriors, magic and religion. If you like any of the aforementioned things, then you'll probably join me in loving this book." The UK's biggest genre magazine, SFX, also love it, saying, "... what action! This is a book full of incident, intrigue and magical beasties..." Indeed it is. And Fantasy & SciFi Lovin' News & Reviews agree, calling it "a definite page turner." And the reviews are rolling in all the time. And this is just the first book in an epic trilogy, with the subsequent two novels (The Uncrowned King and The Usurper) being released in August and September. If you live in the UK, hie you to Waterstones where you can find the first book in the 3 for 2 offer as part of the Bookseller's Choice. Also, check out Rowena's guest blog entry at Fantasy Book Critic.

The King's Bastard is currently is in the top 20 of the UK's paperback science-fiction and fantasy chart. So many congrats to Rowena.

While we're on the subject of Rowena I'm proud to confirm that we have just commissioned a further fantasy trilogy from her called The First T'en, due to appear in 2012. Watch this space for more details.

The last part of Juliet E. McKenna's Lescari Revolution trilogy, Blood in The Water has also been garnering praise with Nayu's Reading Corner saying "If you've read book one then I recommend this book as well worth reading."

But it's not all about the fantasy this month, as we've also had some very positive comments on Ian Whate's The Noise Within. Total Sci-Fi Online say "This is a book crammed with different ideas and SF-tropes in a way that instantly marks it out as an enthusiastic first novel." While The Speculative Book Review say "The Noise Within is one of the best sci-fi books I've read in years." We agree, and just to give you a little treat, here is the cover for the sequel, The Noise Revealed which beams into your realities May 2011

This stunning cover is brought to you by Dominic Harman.

And last but not least, our horror has also been reaping the rewards of good fiction. On Justin Gustainis's novel, Evil Ways, Enduring Romance say "It did keep me gripped to my seat, and glaring as life made me put the book down." While on Conrad William's grim and brilliant Decay Inevitable The British Fantasy Society say "All in all, a cracking weekend."

That's all for now folks.

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