Hugo Nominations: Onward to Victory! (We hope)

Hey all,

If you post it, they will vote. The Hugo Award, in the apallingly unlikely event that you haven't heard of it, is the daddy of science fiction and fantasy awards. It's a big, big, BIG deal. And one of our contributors, noted novelist and Doctor Who author Paul Cornell (pictured right), has been nominated in the short story category for his piece, "One of Our Bastards is Missing" (click link for a free download of the story), which first appeared in the Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume Three.

Furthermore, Ellen Datlow (pictured), editor of the Poe horror anthology, has been nominated for the best short-form editor (essentially, the category for anthologists). You may also remember that Poe won the Black Quill and was nominated for the Bram Stoker. Now, Ellen's put a few strings to her bow in the last year, but we like to think Poe's one of the reasons she's up for this.

This is brilliant news for both Paul and Ellen. We're really pleased for them.



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