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Wotcher chaps,

Slight hiatus on sarcasm and funnay here as we have been embroiled in book stuff. Will be making time as soon as opportunity gives to provide you with some kick-ass wurdz (see, if you spell it with a Z it's "edgy") soon.

In the meantime, some reviews:

  • Jonathan Cowie at The Science Fact and Science Fiction Concatenation has given us this slightly mixed review of Eric Brown's Cosmopath.

    "As is typical with Brown's novels, we are off at a cracking pace almost from page one."

  • Jonathan also gives us this very kind review of Jeste de Vries's Shine.

    "This anthology, in its way, markedly stands out from the crowd."

  • Ian Hunter at the Concatenation gives us this very warm review of Justin Gustainis's Evil Ways.

    "A tough, fast, gripping read."

  • The wonderful Jared at Pornokitsch gives us this gleeful appraisal of James Lovegrove's Age of Zeus.

    "The Age of Zeus is fun, entertaining and endlessly explosive."

  • Liviu Suciu at Fantasy Book Critic also seems to have enjoyed Age of Zeus.

    "And the action is just unbelievably good."

  • Liviu, meanwhile, gives a slightly more moderate review of Shine.

    "Shine starts with a bang with six stories that I enjoyed a lot and could not stop reading."

  • Martin Willoughby at Hub Magazine has provided this review (at time of writing, you will need to download the PDF of issue 118, although it'll go fully online shortly) of Brian Lumley's The Lost Years: Harry and the Pirates.

    "The book is not something you want to read late at night if, like me, you are prone to nightmares!"

  • Detra Fitch at Huntress Reviews seems to have been all over Shine.

    "5 Stars! So possible that it makes me shiver in fear for the future. Outstanding!"

  • ...and was at least as happy (you'll need to scroll down a bit) about Age of Zeus.

    "FIVE STARS! A brilliant combination of modern warfare and Greek mythology.... Lovegrove is on his way to greatness."

  • I think we need to take Detra on staff. She also loved the hell out of (again, you'll need to scroll down) all four of Gail Z. Martin's Chronicles of the Necromancer stories, including Dark Lady's Chosen.

    "FIVE STARS! Every time I pick up a novel by Gail Z. Martin, she takes my breath away!"
Phew. Big one there. Do give our reviewers some love by reading their posts.



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