Shine Reviews

Wotcher all,

Loads of reviewers have been hassling Jetse de Vries for copies of his upcoming Shine anthology (here's that beautiful Vincent Chong cover again), and the first few reviews are coming in now...

  • Charles A. Tan (Twitter @charlesatan) the Bibliophile Stalker, has written this very measured review.
    Charles writes "what I want to highlight are the stories that grabbed me by the balls, so to speak. Originally, I didn't think this anthology would contain much of them, but by the time I read the closed the book, the number of memorable stories was surprising."

  • Genre webzine Sci Fi Wire (Twitter @scifiwire) has posted "Sick of the Apocalypse? Check out 16 futures worth living in!", another very reasoned look at the book.
    "Shine isn't all rainbows and flowers," the Wire explains, "but luckily it isn't all policy wonks riding their ideological hobbyhorses either. Have I mentioned the thrash-metal dinosaurs?"
You go ahead and mention the thrash-metal dinosaurs, dude. They really can't be mentioned often enough.

There should be many more reviews on the way. Keep a weather eye out here...



Catherine Hughes said...

I only have a little blog (although readership is growing) but if I qualify for a review copy, I'll review it for you!

I did actually try to order it via Amazon but they are apparently out-of-stock, which would be correct, I suppose, but you can't pre-order for 15th April either!


David Moore said...

Possibly? Email me your postal address and I'll check.