Praise and Previews

The ladies at The Book Smugglers have posted an introduction the the steampunk genre to kick off their 'Steampunk Week' event. They've also highlighted a few books which define the genre, including, we're pleased to hear, Tim Akers' Hearts of Veridon.

"'Hearts of Veridon' by Tim Akers is a new book to the Steampunk consortium, published late last year – but it is already referred to as a classic work by many afficionados. Thea will be reviewing this bad boy in our second Steampunk Week, next month."

Also, Niall at The Speculative Scotsman has previewed the Shine anthology over here.

"I love me a good short story collection, and Shine looks it could be just what the doctor ordered..."


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Thea said...

Hi Jenni, thanks for the link! Also, I just finished reading (devouring) HEART OF VERIDON and reviewed it for Steampunk Week (v2.0):

Steampunk Week - Book Review: Heart of Veridon by Tim Akers

Thanks again - it's an amazing book!