Thanks, Google!

Okay, this is a little odd...

Does anyone know the Google Analytics tool? It's like an uber-hit-tracker. It doesn't just count hits; it breaks them down into unique and repeat hits, gives you statistics on where visitors came from, what they were looking for, compares statistics month-by-month. Generally a really interesting tool. Debatable value, unless you're working in marketing, but there you go.

Anyway, we use it to show our bosses how useful these blogs are, what sort of posts work, what doesn't. We love talking to you guys 'n' gals, but to justify doing it at work, we need to show that it's getting the message out.

So I was combing through the statistics just now. 47 out of the 229 direct visits the blog has received in the past 10 days come from Google. Fair enough. Of those, 6 were from a search for "rubber underwear."


Thank you, Andy Remic. Your rubber panties brought 6 people to our site who might not have visited otherwise. Not sure they're book-buyers, but it's good to reach out to new people.


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Anonymous said...


Rubber spanking.

There you go, watch those stats skyrocket.