Cthulhu Bingo - Rules

Right, we're in the office right now with reference copies of Brian Lumley's new Mythos anthology, Haggopian and Other Stories, and we've come up with an awesome game: #CthulhuBingo!

It's dead simple. Pick up a Mythos book. We're using Haggopian, but you can use whatever comes to hand. Flip it open to random pages until you hit on an awesome adjective. Something HP would have been proud to write himself. Shout it out loud!

Everyone present agrees a score out of ten for your adjective. Play until bored. Highest scoring word wins. Basic rules:

1. It's gotta come out of the book in front of you. We all know awesome Mythos adjectives; the trick is to find them.
2. You gotta find it by flicking randomly through; no manner of methodical search is acceptable. Randomness is how Azathoth expresses himself in our subconscious minds...
3. Points based on three guidelines: length, obscurity, and what I like to call sheer Lovecrafteosity. Loathsome is six points; cyclopean is eight. If you've awarded ten points for any word other than squamous, I want to hear about it.

Comment here, or twitter us @solarisbooks, to share your words and score. We'd love to hear from you.



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